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Flexible strap specification t...

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    The flexible sling is soft and easy to handle, anti-corrosion and non-conductive, and is widely used in modern industry. In general, you need to make a choice of specifications and types before lifting, and pay attention to the control of the lifting angle during lifting. Today, you may wish to take a look at these two points of hoisting knowledge through the specific introduction of Dongfang Lishen.
    1. Selection of hoisting belt specifications and types
    When selecting the sling size, the size, weight, shape of the hoisted load, and the hoisting method to be used must be included in the calculation. The ultimate working force is given. The type of environment and load must be considered. It is necessary to select a sling with sufficient length and ability to meet the length of use. If multiple slings are used simultaneously, the same type of sling must be used. The sling material cannot be affected by the environment or load. Regardless of whether the attachment or soft lifting lugs are required, careful consideration must be given to the end of the sling and the matching of the auxiliary accessories to the lifting equipment.
    2, flexible sling belt use angle
    When using the soft lifting lug, the minimum length of the lifting lug should not be less than 3.5 times and the maximum thickness of the hook in the contact part of the lug, and the angle of the lifting lug should not exceed 20°. When the sling is connected to the lifting equipment, the contact portion must be continuous unless the axial width of the sling is not more than 75 mm, and the bulging attachment must have a bending radius of at least 0.75 times the axial width.

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