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What signs should be made for flexible slings?

DATE:2019-08-14 09:48:33 FROM:

In order to ensure the safe use of flexible slings, the marking work is not only less than that. In general, which markings are suitable for flexible slings?
    1. General requirements. The sling should include the following markings: ultimate working load for vertical lifting; materials for slings such as polyester, polyamide and polypropylene; end fitting grade; nominal length in m; manufacturer's name, logo, trademark or other Clear identification; queryable records (encoding); standard number of execution.
    2. Identification of A, B, C and Cr flexible slings. The specified information should be clearly and permanently marked on a durable label (the label is attached directly to the sling). The height of the label font should not be less than 1.5mm. A part of the label should be sewn into the webbing, which should also be labeled with the required information for reference. The material of the sling should be identified by the color of the label. The following are the sling material and the corresponding label color: polyamide: green; polyester: blue; polypropylene: brown.
    3. Combine the logo of the multi-limb sling. The following requirements apply to two-, three-, or four-legged slings: the label should be an easily identifiable durable label (such as a round label) that should be attached to the main chain ring to distinguish it from other sling types; The marking content shall include the maximum angle of the vertical direction of any of the cable limbs in use; the label of each cable limb shall not display the ultimate working load.
    Through the logo, everyone can identify the basic information of the flexible sling at the first time, check the status, and everyone must do the basic identification work before putting into use, and regularly check the identification status and check for missing vacancies.

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