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Flexible slings are gradually becoming international

DATE:2019-08-14 18:15:36 FROM:

    As the times continue to move forward, the hoisting industry continues to develop in depth, and the range of applications for flexible slings continues to expand. The market for construction, mining, oil fields and other industries has been very hot. Zheng Shen believes that this is an opportunity and a challenge. In the future, flexible slings must take the road of high-end, differentiation and internationalization to meet the growing demand.

     First, high-end
     With the continuous development of science and technology, intelligence must be the direction of the development of China's hoisting equipment industry. For hoisting equipment application companies, intelligence can greatly improve work efficiency, save manpower and reduce costs. The country pays more and more attention to environmental protection, and the development trend of flexible sling equipment to low energy consumption and intelligence cannot be reversed.
     Second, differentiation
     With the in-depth development of domestic sling belt enterprises, different brands are becoming more and more important in the face of the intricate market demand changes. Due to the serious phenomenon of homogenization competition in the industry, the quality of products is comparable, and the service quality of flexible sling equipment enterprises in product sales is the key point, and good service can better enhance the value of the brand. Therefore, the introduction of differentiated and differentiated services is key.
     Third, internationalization
     With the large-scale expansion of hoisting equipment enterprises, the competition in the industry market has become increasingly fierce, and the domestic market has gradually become saturated. Although the market has continued to slump in recent years, the development space of the hoisting market is still relatively broad. Experts pointed out that for hoisting equipment manufacturing enterprises, to develop and grow, international development is the only choice.
     At the same time, flexible sling companies want to adapt to the ever-changing industry market, but also need more innovation ability, in order to stand firm in the face of fierce competition in the industry. In the future, Zhengshen will continue to innovate and achieve breakthrough development.

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