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Flexible sling advantage sharing

DATE:2019-08-15 16:16:28 FROM:

 The flexible sling is used for hoisting objects such as hooks. It can be used for lifting objects under various lifting conditions. It has high strength and can not damage the surface of the object. It is light and soft, and can be used in various combinations. . The flexible slings are uniquely labelled and use international standard colours to differentiate the tonnage, even if the slings are worn out and easily identifiable, improving safety.

       The flexible sling is suitable for the hoisting of circular objects, the strength and weight are relatively high, the outer surface is fine, the smooth object will not cause damage, protect the hands of the workers, and will not cause damage to the vulnerable objects, light and soft, and easy in a small space. Use; flexible slings have more hoisting methods and hoisting belts are evenly stressed, so that the slings have a longer working life and can also be used to pull the hoisted objects; the flexible slings can be attached with anti-wear and anti-cut protective sleeves, non-conductive, no electric shock Danger; the flexible package loopback sling is made of 100% PES, and the inner load-bearing core is protected by a non-polar wrap to form a loop-like 100% PES woven into an unstressed bushing.
        The flexible sling is light in weight and has a weight of only 20% compared to a chain of the same load. Therefore, even if it falls at high altitude, it will not cause personal injury. Similarly, when it is shaken on the hook of the crane, it will not cause head damage to the hoisting workers like the traditional spreader. The sling does not create a spark in an explosive or hazardous environment. The maintenance of flexible slings is very easy. Damage caused by impact is a common hazard in lifting operations. The flexible sling will only flatten under strong impact, so the risk is zero.

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