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Flexible sling

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Flexible two-end buckle strap

Flexible two-end buckle strap

Technical data for flexible slings:
Material: Import DuPont, polyester (polyester), nylon, Dyneema safety work force: 0.5-500T flexible sling
Effective length: 0.5-80M
Safety factor: 6:1 to 8:1
Range: one 40 ° C - ten 180 ° C
Elongation: ultimate working elongation <2% breaking elongation <12%
Executive standard: JB/T8521.1-2007
The circular belt carrying core consists of a tow that is arranged in parallel without parallel, and is twisted with a single strand. The protective sleeve is butted into a ring type by a special double-layer wear-resistant sleeve, and the warning, protection and bearing core are safely used. According to the requirements of the hoisting environment, it can be professionally produced: ordinary type, fireproof type, fluorescent type, light inspection type, protective type, high strength type, combined product series.
Advantages of flexible slings:
1, soft does not hurt the goods, protect the hands of workers
2, use light, heavy load
3, long service life
4, clear limit work force labeling and color code, effectively improve safety performance
Precautions for flexible slings;
1, must use the correct way coefficient, can not be overloaded
2. Make sure the sling is not damaged before each use.
3, round slings are susceptible to mechanical, chemical, high temperature damage, if the protective layer is severely damaged, such slings must not be used
4. Use the protector to separate the edges of the sling and the load.
5, round slings can not be knotted
6. When lifting, the slings and loads should not be dragged
7, to avoid impact or vibration load
8. Dangerous slings do not need to be repaired, please follow the supplier's comments.

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